Class of 2019 ~ Senior Information!

Class of 2019, welcome to your Senior Year! We look forward to seeing your student have a wonderful senior year experience at Lee HS. There are many things to look forward to and a lot of dates to keep track of and our hope is this website will help get the “big ones” on your family calendar. In the coming months, there will be many events for your senior student as he/she moves ever closer to graduation.

Senior Class Administrator and Sponsors

Senior Dues

  • Senior fees are now $115 and will stay at this price until the end of the 3rd quarter.  Please note that this price will increase at the start of the 4th quarter. 
  • Senior fees can be paid online with a credit card at or turned in to the senior class sponsors/administrator via cash or check.
  • Senior fees are collected every Wednesday after school in room 326, and every Friday morning before school in the main lobby.

Upcoming Dates

  • May 30th – Senior Awards, 3:15pm in Auditorium.
    • Students who receive an award will receive an invitation.
  • May 30th – June 4th, Senior Exams.  See schedule below…. 


May 30, Thursday

May 31, Friday

June 3, Monday

June 4, Tuesday






Testing periods

2nd and 6th

1st and 5th


3rd and 7th

  • June 3rd, laptop collection for Seniors in aux gym.  Details are coming….
  • June 5th, Senior Exam make-ups.
  • June 5th, all Financial Obligations to be cleared, including obligations to the library.
    • June 6th, mandatory graduation rehearsal #1 in auditorium. 
      • Students should arrive no later than 9:30am.
      • Students will receive their cap/gown after this rehearsal.  Please note that if a senior has a financial obligation, they will not receive their cap/gown until the obligation is cleared.
      • Anticipate rehearsal ending between 11:00am – 12:00pm.  Seniors can leave school after rehearsal is finished.
    • June 7th, mandatory graduation rehearsal #2 in main gym. 
      • Students should arrive no later than 9:30am.
      • Students will receive their tickets and can purchase extra (each student receives 5 complimentary tickets and can purchase extra after this rehearsal.  Extra tickets can also be purchased at the door at Eagle Bank Arena. Extra tickets are $5 each).
      • Anticipate rehearsal and the senior picnic ending around noon.  Seniors can leave school after rehearsal/picnic is finished.
    • June 7th, senior picnic after the rehearsal.
      • Seniors wear their senior shirt to the picnic, which is their ticket in.
    • June 10th, Graduation, 2pm at Eagle Bank Arena @ George Mason University Fairfax Campus
      • Doors for the general public open at 1pm.
      • Students arrive at 1:00pm at the loading dock area and will begin going through security check starting promptly at 1:30pm. Students should only have cap/gown in hands.  No purses, phones, backpacks, etc.  Only 1 key or key fob if necessary.
      • Please note that caps cannot be decorated.
    • June 10th, 11:00pm – 5:00am, All Night Graduation Celebration at South Run Rec Center.
      • Questions can be directed to: @email
      • Tickets are still available.  Forms are available in the main office, or complete the form online at
  • Additional Information
    • Starting June 6th, only cash, money orders, or credit card payments (via are accepted.  No checks will be accepted for payments starting June 6th.
    • Senior fees are $115.  They are collected every Friday morning in the main lobby, Wednesday after school in room 326, or seniors can see Mr. Kelly, Ms. Parmar, or Mr. Dela Cruz directly.  Please note the “no-checks” policy starting on June 6th.  These can also be paid online at with credit card.
    • Financial obligations need to be paid.  Seniors should see Ms. Gallow in finance, as she has a list of students who owe monies.  Students with any outstanding obligations will not receive their cap/gown.
      • If your student has textbooks that need to be turned in, they must turn in to the teacher, who then clears the obligation with finance. Library obligations should be cleared with the library.  Don’t wait to do this!!
      • Ms. Gallow, our finance technician, will be available all day on May 23rd to help students clear any financial obligations.