Dr. Checcino Recognized as FCPS Cares of the Month Recipient!

November 2019 FCPS Cares Region 3 Recipient

By Department of Human Resources
January 27, 2020

Congratulations to school counselor Dave Checcino on being recognized as the November 2019 FCPS Cares Recipient of the Month for Region 3 by the Department of Human Resources. Congratulations, Dr. Checcino!

Below is the write up submitted by Ms. Amanda Hudson, Lee High School's Director of Student Services.

Dr. Checcino is fully engaged in his work and regularly works nights and weekends to support his students and the Lee HS Counseling department. He is seen multiple times each week at evening student events to support our community and cheer on our students. Dr. Checcino has a knowledge base and extensive institutional memory that assists our Student Services Department with historical perspectives, facts, and methods that help our students in academics and future planning. He has been an asset and deserves to be recognized for his work, passion, and dedication to our school and system.