Lancers Charge Ahead

August 09, 2019

Lancers Charge Ahead is a 3 day orientation program for rising 9th graders to become acclimated to the school building, to be grounded in the IB Learner Profile, and to connect with teachers and SGA students. 

On the first day, we did a scavenger hunt and the students did activities with the IB Learner Profile.  They also understood the goals of the program; most specifically as a team, they would make the shield of "The Lancer".

On the second day, the students started to create their shield and learned about all of the sports, and activities  at Lee High School.

On the final day, the students finished their shield, presented it to school and county leadership, and competed in an EPIC egg drop challenge.

Overall, the students became part of our FamiLee, came together as a class, dove into the IB Learner Profile, and came to understand the importance of getting involved while in High School.